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Friday, October 24, 2008

Photo: Seabrook Sunrise

This morning's sunrise pics...

The crane parked on the lake has been used in pulling yachts off people's yards, etc.

That's the Kemah bridge in the background. Babin's has reopened. Along Toddville Road debris piles mark what's left of wrecked houses, who are spray painted "Unsafe." You also see bare poles that used to have houses sitting on them. Those sites still look about the same as the day after IKE.

I've been really busy but the economic stress around is plain to see. And sad.

Yesterday I watched the County Judge debate, which will air tonight on PBS-KUHF "Red White and Blue" series. It started dull but don't leave - it got pretty heated before it was over.

Also yesterday, I met a woman who told me that our elected Mr. Paul Bettencourt had actually "bruised" her by sticking his finger into her chest to make a point during a GOP dinner a few years ago. Her husband was not pleased, but nothing was done about it. No man should be inappropriately touching a woman and he should NEVER bruise a lady. If true, he needs to have his butt kicked (out of office).

Then I saw the clip of an interview with KHOU Channel 11, in which Bettencourt was nearly screaming he was so out of control. He hasn't given his staff a raise in 10 years and waits until it is too late to process voter registration applications. How many won't get to vote as a result? Is this really doing his job at taxpayer expense?

I'll be watching for TV follow ups on this messy issue as Nov. 4 approaches.

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