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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Era for America

We have entered a new era for America.

Only in America could such as transition as happened today, from President Bush to President Obama,happen.

But our Homeland Security was not helped by Sen. Cornyn's threatened filibuster of the confirmation of Secretary of State nominee Hillary Clinton.

What is his point? He doesn't like Hillary? When the Ship of State has been put on the rock he is practicing the old politics of Tom DeLay -- instead of focusing on solutions.

Sen. Cornyn's delay not only keeps the new President from having a confirmed Secretary of State to deal with our pressing problems, it hurts America after Sen. Cornyn's President put us in the the ditch. It is not constructive.

Sen. Cornyn: Either lead by focusing on solutions to real problems or resign and get out of the way. We don't need that kind of politics which hurts our Homeland Security...

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