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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Playing Into Their Hands

Sun Breaks Out in Seabrook. Yesterday the same view was black with rain.

I just heard the best analysis of the situation in the Middle East by Martin Indyk in an interview on "Morning Joe." He says that the Israel attack on Gaza is playing into the hands of HAMAS, who was losing popularity the population until they were able to start this war.

The people in Gaza could see that their lives were not improving while Palestinians in the West Bank have seen improvements. So HAMAS had to start a war to stay in power. Now, Indyk says, that Muslims all the way to Indonesia are rallying to their cause. He calls for an immediate cease fire.

It's time for a new team to take over in Washington to address these difficult issues. This administration seems to be out of gas and out of ideas.

We are entering a new era as a result of the meltdown.

By fighting other countries and allowing Wall Street to drive drunk, and GM to skate instead of innovate, this administration has ironically made it mandatory for America to cooperate with the nations of the world - to fix this global meltdown and avoid future disasters.

In 2000 America had a budget surplus (inherited from Mr. Clinton) and the global strength to be a monopoly power. All that has been lost in the past eight years.

Since we sold all the bad paper that helped drive the world to a global depression, it will take a global strategy to bring America out of this situation.


Anonymous said...

"In 2000 America had a budget surplus (inherited from Mr. Clinton)"

That wasn't Clinton. That was the result of Reagan. Clinton's legacy is what we are going through now, and even the Republicans fix his massive sell out and screw ups, especially the sub-prime mortgage deals and NAFTA.

Texas Viking said...

Welcome to Alice in WOnderland, where everything is the reverse of normal.

Come on. Reagan left the Presidency after TRIPLING the deficit - Supply side economics was a failure.

It was Geo. HW Bush who said "Read my lips" and raised taxes to reverse the slide.

Clinton kept those taxes intact, and managed spending, to end up with the surplus he handed off to G.W. Bush.

Folks, let's deal with real facts instead of making up fantasy stuff.

Gary said...

Rorschach and the conservative Anonymous make a habit of trolling Houston area blogs rewriting history and showing their ignorance.

Texas Viking said...

Nazi's did the same thing rather than admit their errors...

Anonymous said...

"Folks, let's deal with real facts instead of making up fantasy stuff."

Well if you'd quit reading the liberal press and think for yourself you might not call it fantasy. The facts are that NAFTA was Clinton's deal and we're stil outsourcing jobs because of it, and he also signed the Glass-Steagall the banks complete control to give out subprime loans to anyone uncreditworthy, and that satisfied Barney Frank just fine. You need a dose of reality. And Gary, this isn't a conservatice anony, you liberal blognut, this comes from an independent study...but you'r'e rose colored liberalism can't see it.

Texas Viking said...

I read ALL the press - not like the folks who only listen to one side.
Beyond that, I have been in over 50 countries. I do not have a narrow, provincial viewpoint.

By the way, Jesus was a liberal. He would have voted Obama...

Anonymous said...

Wow, 50 countries? I've LIVED in over 19 of them. Not only that, I helped save France in the early 40's.

Why would Jesus vote for Obama? He wasn't a Marxist or a liar.

Texas Viking said...

It was Bush who crashed the economy and bought about what you call Marxism. He borrowed 6 trillion dollars in 8 years and left Obama with the worst economy in 50 years - after inheriting a surplus from Clinton.

Jesus was also a change agent. He didn't just hang out with the wealthy and give tax breaks to only the rich.

Jesus would have voted for the little guy and the outsider who tries to reach out to others --

Jesus would have thrown the GOP money changers out of the people's temple if he'd been here the last 8 years. I still think Jesus would have voted Obama in '08 -- like a majority of Americans did.

Anonymous said...

"It was Bush who crashed the economy and bought about what you call Marxism."

No he didn' was Barney Frank pushing the Glass Steagall Act and Clinton signed it...a reinforcement of Carter's CRA. You need to learn something about economics.

Texas Viking said...

Yes, but it wasn't Clinton who let Wall Street get drunk and drive our economy off a cliff...

If the Captain rams the Exxon Valdez on a reef, you can't blame the reef.