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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Texas legislature - Update our building codes!

The Texas legislature is open for business. I suggest that they take serious action to update our building codes to avoid billions in future losses from storms.

IKE damage mainly roofs and windows, but the cost is much more than replacing a roof or window. A breach of either leads to extensive water damage that buildings are still attempting to recover from. People lost records, offices, the ability to work, etc. Over 900,000 claims have been filed so far.

All this could be avoided simply by requiring better roofs and by adding security window film to keep out wind-borne debris. Billions in insurance and property damage would be prevented.

On top of that our security film would cut energy use - about 50% of the energy loss of a building is through its windows.

I recommend that you make your suggestions for improvement to the House Committee on Hurricane IKE - tomorrow is the last day to get into their report.

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