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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Great Flood

Yesterday went from wild to worse - a great flood.

When I finally got out of the Green Expo to go home, rain had been pouring all day and water had flooded the frontage roads on I-45. I saw rows of stranded cars.

A lady was standing next to the freeway with an umbrella, looking down at the scene. Motorists lined the side of the freeway, just sitting there. Some were stuck in the grass as they tried to cross a 10 - 15 grassy area to get from frontage road to freeway - only to get stuck. It was a huge mess.

the freeway wasn't moving. I thought it was due to a wreck. It was due to people rubber-necking the folks who were stuck on the frontage road. Grrrrrrr. Can't look and drive? Apparently not. After that scene the freeway started moving again.

I got lucky. The warning signs said "Frontage roads flooded." So I stayed on the freeway - and Clear Lake Blvd (my exit) was the first exit that was not under water. Ellington exit was filled with dead cars. A big truck pulling a trailer was throwing up a 10 foot high wake trying to get through it.

Winds near the coast were sideways - spraying water on my condo windows which are protected by both our Armor Glass hurricane film but also by a 10 foot roof over the balcony. Even the roof cover was not enough. Fortunately, I didn't have to worry about a window breach.

Our expo had quite a few people despite the nasty weather. A ton of kids started the day and that was fun.

It will be a nice day today. Thank God. For the weather and the fact that my friend Wanda's cancer surgery on Friday was successful. Things are looking up.

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