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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Protection from Protesters

This is a photo of a glass door being shattered by protesters at a convention center in Thailand. They had to cancel a major summit as a result. After the protesters broke in, they caused even more damage inside.

The breach would have been avoided if the owners had installed our security window film with frame attachment.

Protesting is a right, but breaking into property is not. But mobs do funny things. Any building's security should include the obvious - a cost effective defense for when someone or something attempts to break through the the weakest link of any building: its windows. Sooner or later, mother nature or people will hurl debris at it.

I am amazed that millions of dollars are lavished on these glass palaces that have spent a fraction of that -- not even one dime -- on protection from someone pushing a shopping cart through a window in anger. Or hurling a brick through it to steal.

So the list grows of the sheer number of applications for our Armor Glass products that would protect both property and people. It would also keep conventioneers from being exposed to 99% of the UV rays that cause serious skin cancers, and would cut energy use. That's a lot of bang for the buck.

The aftermath from the protests in Thailand, Hurricanes, hail storms and the like should be a lesson: PROTECT your windows now (or regret it later)...

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