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Friday, April 24, 2009

ठेपकिस्तान Threat

For some reason blogger took my English "The Pakistan Threat" and converted it into some kind of (Hindi?) language or gibberish. It's never done that before. It's a strange sign at a strange time.

The Taliban are taking over more and more of Pakistan, the only Islamic country with nuclear missiles. The Pakistani government seems to be losing control.

That could mean the same crazy extremists who backed Al Qaida's run-up to 9/11 could be running a country with transportable nuclear weapons. Iran is a wanna be nuclear power. Pakistan IS a nuclear power. Having people like Osama bin laden controlling it is not a good thing for anybody.

That means people here need to think security, security, security.

Aside from what can be done on an international scale in Pakistan (probably not much when you have a weak President like Zardari--he's no Benazir Bhutto), people here need to be double preparing: for both very real Hurricane threats, and very real blast threats.

Our Armor Glass film does both at the same time, on top of saving energy...

There is now a Twitter site:


TomasF said...

Wait... did you just try to sell armour glass as protection against a nuclear attack??


Texas Viking said...

LOL. It would be better than nothing. Think about it. You get a LOT of UV rays (not to mention X rays) from a nuke blast, not to mention flying glass --but it would only work it your far enough away from ground zero.

OK, OK, you're better off having it to protect from storms, bomb blasts and skin cancer causing UV...