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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009 Hurricane Season - Gulf Coast Has 1 in 3 Chance of a hit

Here is the latest article on the expected 2009 Hurricane season.

Hurricane Gustav caused $4 billion damage in Louisiana and killed 112 people, including 77 in Haiti. Hurricane Ike was the season's strongest hurricane, and the third-costliest storm (more than $19 billion) to hit the U.S., devastating Galveston, Texas, and causing about 100 deaths in the Caribbean and along the U.S. Gulf Coast. In 2008, four storms were notable -- or deadly -- enough that the names were retired -- Alma, Gustav, Ike and Paloma.

What's in store for 2009?

The probability of a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast in 2009 is 31% - about 1 in 3. That means one of every three storms could have our name on it. Standby. Most expers say the real hurricane season starts August 1. September is usually the peak. It's still too early to tell, but not too early to prepare...

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