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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Solar HEAT & Why Ayatollahs Should Never Run a Government

The morning sun has really been blazing, requiring the lowering of sun shades and other measures in an effort to 'beat the heat.'

So I decided to measure what happens when the sun hits a window. I got out my BTU meter which I use during trade shows and demos (it measures solar heat coming through glass) -- and held it where the sun was hitting the window glass direct.

This short video shows how the sun coming out from behind a cloud causes the BTU's to JUMP - from 12 to over 85. And this is with little direct contact from the sun, about 10:30 a.m. facing EAST, with the sun nearly over the roofline.

Imagine the BTU's in the afternoon from the WEST!

I've decided that I need to upgrade my condo from clear security film to a Solar Security film over it - to get a 70% solar heat reduction. It will cut the power bill for sure. I can't imagine how much higher the electric bills would be from the unfiltered solar heat coming in windows facing the hotter South and West sides!

It still doesn't make sense in our area to use thin solar film that isn't also a security film for hurricane protection. The Armor Glass Solar Security combo (that also takes out 99% of UV) is a three-in-one winner...

It is HOT out there. I couldn't believe that Texas doesn't air condition its jails (but then I could). That punishes the employees who work at the jails as much (or more) as the inmates! It is so 18th century and can't be justified.

We have to act better if we are to claim we are more civilized than the Iranian Ayatollahs, who are now so desperate for an outside villain to blame for the people's anger over an election stolen by religious extremists that they are claiming the British to be the 'bad guys' responsible. Apparently they couldn't make it appear to be American because our leadership wasn't dumb enough to fall into their trap. Their next villains will be the reformers in Iran who are being arrested and tried for merely contesting an unfair, dishonest election.

Iran shows why religion should never be allowed to run a country. They need to be taking more heat from the world for their uncivilized conduct. I doubt if their jails are air conditioned either...

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