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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mothers, Don’t Let Your Children (or husband) Try This

Sunday, my day “off” started with a wait on the Cable repair guy. Someone cut the Internet box to the building, knocking out everyone’s cable. So for a week, there has been no Internet, TV or phone. It took that long to get an appointment but not because the Comcast folks knew it was a problem. They didn’t have a clue.

A neighbor told me that I had to ask for a repair guy. When you do, they say “he’ll be there ten years from now between 8 and 11 am.” Well, it felt like ten years. You know it will be closer to 11 but you get up anyway before 8 to make sure not to greet the guy in your shorts and bad breath.

Sure enough at 10:45 a.m. the knock came at the door.

While waiting for the Cable Guy I proceeded with a test to see how the “do-it-yourselfers” would manage if they did their own installation of our security window film on their windows (to save $$$, right?). So I went about putting the solar security film on three sliding glass doors in the Seabrook condo, to cut the solar heat by 70% and save on my electric bill.

Mothers, don’t let your children, husband or significant other do this!

It was pitiful. Despite my years of watching professionals do this day in and day out, my attempt at installing film left much to be desired. Imagine someone doing this that doesn’t have a clue. My edge cuts sometimes went wild, leaving a gap like the one in the photo. And I left more bubbles than on one small window than I’ve seen pros do on entire buildings. I could see how someone would not like the results of doing their own installation on their own house. I’d rather avoid them being mad and just have the pros do it.

Despite the mess I made, I was impressed how the solar security really cut the heat in my unit and adds privacy during the day. I found out when left a note for the cable guy on the front door saying “Come in, I’m on the balcony.” I figured I could stand out there and take a break and watch for him through the glass door.

Scratch that idea. Too my surprise when I got out on the balcony, after installing the film I could barely see inside. I wasn’t sure I’d see if he did opened the door. I noticed this same effect on a courthouse we did. While inside and looking through a window with film, we could see people approaching the building, but they couldn’t see in.

If someone were approaching the courthouse (or any building) carrying a gun this “one way mirror” effect would give the folks inside the building time to react without being seen by the person outside.

The solar security film acts like one-way glass. Anyone inside can see out, but those outside can’t see in.

But to avoid a disaster, just don’t let your children or husband try it alone. LOL.

Now I have Internet again (thank god!) and a cooler, safer condo!


Narconon Arrowhead said...

that is so funny i tried the same thing and had the same results. except my son walked up to me and asked if the person who done the windows where on drug.

Texas Viking said...

LOL. I wasn't even on beer or wine - or it would have been a bigger disaster.