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Friday, September 02, 2005

Bringing in the Big Guns

I got a call yesterday telling me about something interesting on the net. According to George Strong's site,, Mr. Cheney is coming to Texas for Tom DeLay's September fundraiser for a special reason --because of Mike Fjetland.

What? I thought I'd heard wrong too, until I checked the site:

Fascinating. If Cheney is required to bring his guns to the OK Corral, someone is worried.

What do they know that requires bringing in the big guns?

Do they expect more ethical skeletons to fall out of DeLay's closet? Mr. DeLay knocked a GOP Congressman off the veterans committee because Chris fought cuts in Vet benefits. DeLay allowed cuts in the Army Corps of Engineers which begged for money to beef up New Orlean's levees to handle a storm like Katrina. Now millions are paying the price.

If so, do they really want Mr. DeLay as the image of the GOP in 2008?

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