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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

FEMA - Does It Again

Texas is facing nearly $500 million in extra costs to educate the Louisiana children displaced by Katrina. FEMA says that it will pay for computers and buildings, but NOT textbooks or teachers. I guess they expect kids to just sit there without book or let Texas pay for them.

This makes no sense. This is a FEDERAL responsibility. We have 30,000 children enrolled and it is expected that could rise to 60,000. To pay for buildings but not the extra teachers needed to give these kids an education is another example of the feds dumping an unfunded mandate on the state.

Texas has stepped up to the plate to help the evacuees and done a great job.

Now the feds need to do their job and help pay Texas for the extra costs instead of dumping on Texas taxpayers.

And check out this observation by George Will: "passed a transportation bill whose 6,371 pork projects cost $24 billion, about 10 times more than the price of the levee New Orleans needed. Louisiana's congressional delegation larded the bill with $540,580,200 worth of earmarks, one-fifth the price of a capable levee."

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