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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Here Comes Rita

We have gone through two weeks plus of action due to Hurricane Katrina, and now here comes Hurricane Rita, aiming for the Texas coast.

So with all the troubles in Iraq and the devastation of Katrina, what do I get in the mail yesterday -- a letter from our incumbent representative, wanting money! What? Yep. Four pages!

Does he mention Katrina or Iraq? No. The biggest evil he cites in four pages is -- not FEMA's fumbling and stumbling and still too slow response (they still haven't done squat for Mississippi, etc).

It’s over a year before the next November election and Tom's busy focusing on...bashing potential opponents instead of kicking some bureaucratic butt.

Houston is flooded with evacuees who have lost everything, straining our resources and wearing out volunteers -- and Mr. DeLay wants you to run out and send HIM a check for his campaign (and knock on doors, volunteer, etc.)!

Once again I question his priorities.

Time for a change folks.

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