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Friday, September 02, 2005

The Next 24 -36 hours Critical to New Orleans Relief - My Convoy

As the President said, New Orleans is our No. 1 natural disaster - and the next 24 to 36 hours are the most critical yet. People are starting to die and need to be "out of there."

The National Guard have arrived in force today, thank god. But they will have their hands full maintaining order and finishing rescuing trapped people. Due to the delays, they still need help.

Many will die in the next 24 to 36 hours without water or help. Even the National Guard will need help with this American Tsunami, at least in the short term.

Americans who believe in private enterprise and charity are needed to assist me on a life-savig mission.

I am organizing a private convoy to take water and food to the New Orleans area, and bring people back, with me as driver and my van as Vehicle No. 1. People are getting out so there must be a way in.

It may remain a convoy of one but when people are losing their lives every bit helps. I cannot sit home and think of my schedule or go to soccer games when passengers from the Titanic are splashing in the ocean and drowning. Vast potential loss of life is at stake. The safety margin is now gone. Mothers are reported on TV walking around with dead babies in their arms.

24 hours is an eternity if it were you in that situation. I’ve been in similar situations in 3rd world countries.

If she makes good on her pledge, I've got a lady willing to sponsor my personal convoy and I thank her very much. She is even supplying the cargo. I am looking for more donations to add more drivers and vehicles and supplies. We need to help evacuate as many people as possible --and get them water – in the next couple days.

The idea to is drop water and food and pick up people and bring them back. Repeat as often as necessary until its done. Please spread the word.

Donations to my legal site are 100% dedicated to Katrina Relief:

Donations to my Congress Exploratory site are 10%. I challenge all politicians, office holders and candidates to match it. The real winner will be Americans who need help.

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