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Friday, September 19, 2008

Back in Seabrook - New Meaning of "House" Boats

Photo: Michael Fjetland - view of south shore of Clear Lake next to channel leading to Galveston Bay. The boat is a 'new' addition.

I am back in Seabrook - the Clear Lake condo has power but this building is the last one that does. The rest of the buildings are black. People have generators on balconies. The people in the next street have a giant tree blocking the road, so they have to use a special gate through Pirates Landing to get out.

Across the lake, giant boats rest next to two houses that are next to the channel leading from Clear Lake to Galveston Bay. It's a new meaning for "house" boat.

I'm leaving to volunteer for the Mayor of Houston today. Amazingly, the power is still out for over 1 million people. The other amazing thing is that IKE also knocked out power in OHIO for over 5 days and flooded Midwest farms. Hurricanes have National impact...

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