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Sunday, September 21, 2008

IKE - Damage all the Way to Ohio

What is so amazing is that a hurricane (IKE) has caused even OHIO to lose power for over 5 days - not to mention the Midwest mess it also caused. Hurricanes are NATIONAL disasters, not just local ones.

There is a GREAT article in today's Houston Chronicle by Peter Brown, a city council member who argues that we need to rebuild Houston as a sustainable city. The link is at my blog below. Mr. Brown's ideas make sense and should be followed nationwide, not just on the coast. He recommends burying power lines, upgrading building codes to raise the minimum floor level and using "wind-resistant glass."

That must include using products that upgrade currently-installed windows to be wind resistant. I saw so many blown-out windows yesterday throughout Houston that could have been kept in place with our Armor Glass security film.

Council-member Brown's approach is on target and a sensible way to prepare for the next storm to minimize the damage and power outages. Nine (9) days after IKE over 1.3 million Houstonians are still without power. Ohio residents have endured the same mess for days. Council Member Brown's suggestions apply nationwide and should be followed. (Many of those people won't be able to read this until they get their power back).

After doing a damage survey yesterday I volunteered for the Mayor and made a run to drop MRE's at a senior citizens facility in Houston. I have posted a couple photos.

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