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Friday, September 19, 2008

IKE Tests Hurricane Film on Galveston Bay

Prior to Hurricane IKE, Armor Glass International installed hurricane security window film on two houses in Seabrook, TX located on Galveston Bay. Here is a photo showing the difference --Armor Glass film is on the (intact) houses. Their windows were not breached. This is where IKE's storm surge hit the hardest in Galveston Bay.

Photos show that both houses survived IKE with no window damage. You can see that the houses on each side of our test houses were destroyed. Once the windows are breached, it's all over for structural integrity.

A photo is also on the bottom of the Armor Glass home page at:

Had IKE been a CAT 3 instead of a CAT 2 storm, we would have had more wind-borne debris breakage of windows that leads to structural failure in these storms. IKE should be a wake up call that we need stronger building codes and 24/7 window protection, not outdated plywood. Armor Glass has shown its product provides real security to property owners even on the front line of a hurricane.

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