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Thursday, June 25, 2009

104 degree Days - 5 Hurricanes in the Last 4 years

Temperatures are running over 100 degrees in Texas - it was 104 yesterday in Houston. This is heat the kills, and costs a bundle to air condition.

We've been doing a number of installations of security film with solar control - which gives hurricane protection but also cuts 70% of the solar heat coming through your windows. That means you have 70% less hot air that air conditioner has to cool. and that means a huge savings in energy costs.

We are in the dog days of summer and its only four days since summer started!

Imagine what it will feel like in August, our really "hot" month! I still encounter people who think that we've had our hurricane for the next decade.

They seem to forget that since 2005 we have had close calls from Katrina, Rita, Humberto, Dolly, Gustav -- and a hit from IKE. That's 5 hurricanes hitting Texas in the last four years.

The percentage of hurricanes that hit Texas are 40% of the total, according to the Texas Hurricane Center at the University of Houston. That means we could be hit by nearly one half of the hurricanes that form this year!

Are you prepared?

If you don't have security film on your windows on your windows or more expensive shutters you are not prepared to Shelter in Place. Yesterday a man in Seabrook have told me that the outside panels they had installed (at great cost) simply blew off during IKE! A City Manager told me that they had windows break behind shutters (probably from the wind pressure).

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