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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Climate Change = Bigger Hurricane Threat

It's been HOT - over 97 degrees without a break in sight.

Climate change is not a theory. It is HERE. That means future Hurricanes/tornadoes, etc. are going to be stronger and more destructive. The EMS people have a one word speech: Preparedness. Are you prepared?

Some people are buying generators that hook up to their gas line. They are much quieter than the gasoline models and you don't have to find gasoline for them. After IKE, the natural gas lines still worked but the gasoline stations were shut down, either out of fuel or because they lacked generators to run the pumps.

Windows remain the biggest weakness on every building. Most of these are still vulnerable. Get them covered with security protection now because when the first storms start up in the next few weeks, it will be too late.

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