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Monday, June 22, 2009

More Votes Than Voters in 50 Iranian Cities - Says the regime

NEW news on Iran - now the regime itself says that the number of people voting in over 50 cities in Iran was actually more than the total number of registered voters in those cities! The Ayatollahs should have required science and math to go along with "religion only" courses!

If this is not evidence of massive vote fraud, what is? At the minimum a new election should be called. But instead the Ayatollahs said the over-voting "only happened in 50 cities" and seem ready to use force to cling to power.

All we can do as Americans is wish them success so the Ayatollahs cannot use it against us, and lie and claim it is Americans causing the changes in Iran. It is the majority Iranian people tired of the hardliners that is changing in Iran.
If the Iranian people keep up the heat by going on strike and going into the streets, like they did in 1979, they could succeed. We can pray they do.
Only then will Americans be able to help, by engaging the new leadership in business and dialogue.

It's evident that talking to the hardliners won't bring any changes - if they aren't listening to their own majority by would they listen to anyone else?
But its amazing that they now admit the vote totals don't add up --not when more they exceed the number of registered voters. They have trapped themselves in a fraud that is now exposed.

Now what will they do in their desperate hour to hold power?

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