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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer Sizzle

We are back to HOT, HUMID Houston. I noticed it even though we were INSIDE doing a Hurricane show at Galleria on Saturday. They had us under their glass roof. Wow it was HOT standing under it when the sun came through. It was like being in a microwave, being roasted. I used to think of Galleria as a cold place. They could use our solar heat-rejecting, security film - it would save them a ton of money on air conditioning.

Lately we've had inquires from Israel, Colombia and other countries. In England a couple weeks ago, I noticed a lot of half million dollar condos on the Thames River that had their windows OPEN - they have so much glass and so little air conditioning that the sun must be baking them.

Another interesting thing I discovered was in Kensington Palace. Apparently the English have known for centuries that light destroys clothes - they used to have people making clothes in dark rooms to avoid its damaging effects. So while I listened to the lecture I went over to a window and checked - sure enough, they have a layer of solar film on the glass (since it stops UV rays that cause fading).

It will be another wildly busy day today - meetings until 9 pm.

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