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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Glenn Beck's Nazism & Americans Shallow Focus - Not Good for America

Lawyers will confirm that free speech does not give one the right to stand up in the theater and shout "FIRE!" when there isn't one.

That causes panic that can injure or kill people.

But people in high places like Glenn Beck are doing exactly that. When he claims our President and his people are going to "slaughter Americans," his hate-mongering speech would make a Nazi proud.

It's not even based on true facts. That makes it a lie and un-American. If it causes a nut case to shoot someone, then the corporate sponsor of such verbal violence has potential liability for giving such over the top extremism a national voice. Why feed the hate when the ship was wrecked by the last crew, not this one?

We are in this mess after the past administration's doubled our total debt in 8 short years (after getting a $200 billion surplus from Pres. Clinton) and leaving the economy locked up like an engine without oil and heavily damaged.

Reality should be in discussion in America, not beating drums -- not screaming "FIRE!" "Hang him!" (remember those days before courts?) and false information.

We had Frankenstein. Now we have "Beck-enstein" a more dangerous monster because he is a real person influencing the vulnerable. It smacks of Nazism and hate-mongering. It's not even based on reality. After all, it was the last administration that lit the fuse by not paying for anything including two wars, Plan D and a fat tax cut for the top 5% (while everyone else got a few crumbs). Once the Exxon Valdez was on the reef, do you think it was cheap to fix the damage?

I have to wonder what has happened to Americans moral compass. It seems that no one really bothers checking the real facts, but everyone has an opinion -- usually based on an email from another Internet Cement-head. Reinforcing stupidity is not going to keep us ahead of our global competition. When I post articles on India going into space some Americans assume (wrongly) that is was with our money instead of their own money and technology.

If our general population remains this clueless, our leadership status in the world is toast. The last administration inherited a nice Mercedes, but turned over a smoking wreck. We can't afford to be stupid from here on out.

I see that the GOP has once again proposed its fix: Privatize social security. How would you like it if the last meltdown just cut your social security 50% like it did your stock portfolio? Come on dudes, repeating past mistakes is not going to fix our awful financial situation.
Americans should be dealing in reality and real numbers, if anyone paid attention to more then what is on the dinner plate.

This brings up something else. I am amazed by how shallow Americans seem. Look at the entries on Facebook. Who cares if you are staring at your toes. I'd like to see at least some wit and thought included.

Americans, we are better than hate-mongers and shallowness. We need to focus on real facts and ways to get out of this situation.

On that note, we need common sense instead of more stupidity - by both our leadership and Main Street.

And neither will morons like Glenn Beck. People like him are the problem, not the solution.

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