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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tea Party Convention Looked Like a Secession Cult

If the "Tea Party Convention" was the real Tea Party, then it showed its true nature - a whites-only, palm-reading, anti-Obama Cult with no platform but plenty of double standards and platitudes, hate and division.

One tip off? When Palin mentioned the word "Texas Secession" there was a huge cheer from the crowd! What? Breaking up the USA is patriotic? How many normal Americans go around talking like that? No one with a real brain that I know. That would leave Texas last in education in the world instead of just the USA 50.

And then there was the speaker who claimed our President was not born in the US (that again, despite existing Hawaiian birth certificate), while failing to mention that his opponent, John McCain, was born in Panama. What's the difference between foreign country X or Y? Do you think they'd be mentioning this if McCain had been elected? Of course not. So including this speaker makes the movement look racist to me.

Did you notice that 99.9% of the people at the convention were WHITE? How does that represent the wonderfully diverse America I know? No.

Finally, there was no platform. It was all about the speaker.

And the speaker had to use the palm of her hand to remember three simple things - using her "crib notes" within minutes after criticizing President Obama for using a TelePrompter. At least Obama can stand and speak to the opposition without a single note or paper to guide his brain.

This was the same speaker, Sarah Palin, who chastised the White House Chief of Staff for using the word "Retard" but then excused the use of the same word by her ally Rush Gasbag (aka Limbaugh) for saying the "Democrat retards were retards. Limbaugh can say retard anytime but not anyone else.

This is the same hypocritical double standard of politics, where sins are only sins when the other side does it, but not when your side. Lying, double standards and disrespect is wrong regardless of who does it.

That is not about real Americans. The Tea Party Convention appeared to be an anti-Obama cult without a plan or a platform.

It's unfortunate because we need teamwork on both sides of the aisle to compete in a global century. We certainly don't need more double standards and palm readers running our country.

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libhom said...

Palin loves secessionists. I wonder if Faux News will call for a breakup of the union.