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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Texas High Speed Rail - Sabotaged by Texas Leadership from DeLay to Perry

Map of the Dallas Rail System - Compare to Houston's one short line taxpayers had to finance when DeLay blocked federal funding for it...and gave it to Dallas instead!

This Houston Chronicle article is an excellent summation of the failure of our Texas leadership preparing us for the 21st Century - as we add another 2 million people in Houston alone.

The article is right about Tom DeLay's sabotage of federal rail money for Houston - money Houstonians pay as part of the pump price when they fill up. Their lack of leadership has left us crawling on over-crowded roads, and added extra costs on our taxpayers.

It was DeLay's singular cutting off Houston from rail money that was one of the reasons that drove me to run against him until he left office - our citizens were being penalized by his arrogance and lack of leadership. I sat in a Ft Bend lunch after lunch for 400 people when I heard DeLay declare "Dallas rail is a total failure." That was a total lie, but no one else in the room knew it. This was right after Dallas citizens had voted to increase their rail system they were so happy about its success.

Gov. Perry has continued this tradition of sabotaging the future for ordinary Texans such as his Trans Texas land grab that favored Spanish corporations over the Governor's own citizens.

We need a Texas Governor who hasn't been in office for a decade and really does have vision - unlike now.

Perry governs as if all decisions are approved by GOP primary voters. Having been in GOP primaries, I know that primary voters do not reflect the majority of all Republicans, not to mention everyone else. I found the November Republicans much more more moderate and practical in their views.

Unfortunately politics now trumps leadership.

Ed Emmett is right. We need a direct Dallas-Houston high speed rail link, not the Texas T Bonehead plan Perry floated and failed to coordinate.

People like Tom DeLay and Gov. Perry have cost Texan taxpayers more billions out of their pockets. When will they realize that leadership is about us, not them.

Think about that as you are crawling along our freeways.

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