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Monday, February 22, 2010

LWV and a Republican pollster: If the Scientists are Wrong on Climate Change..

" ...a presentation that was put together by Republican pollster Frank Luntz with the Natural Resources Defense Council and NRG Energy. Their conclusions on the need for a Climate Bill in the US are summed up as follows:

"If we do it right, we get cleaner air.
We get less dependence on fossil fuels and enhanced national security.
We get more innovation in our economy.
More jobs and more sustainable jobs.
And that's if the scientists are wrong."

Didn't expect that did you?

Moral: Fighting climate change will produce the next generation of jobs, technical advances needed for our economy to keep up with the rest of the world, and cleaner air -- even if the scientists are wrong.

(If the climate skeptics are wrong, we end up with dirtier air, an over-heated, dying planet - definitely bad for business). Which is worse?

See the above link for details on the LWV study on climate change...

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