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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Obama Goes After Employers Hiring Illegals - Will GOP Reverse that - & Protect the Traffickers?

Not until the Obama administration were EMPLOYERS held responsible for knowingly hiring illegals instead of US citizens. This didn't happen under Bush and when the GOP held control of Congress from 2000-2006.

Now it turns out the some of these employers are even trafficking in humans to get their workforce! Why did the GOP give these creeps cover for so long? It's wrong even if they are not trafficking humans! Check out the linked article to get a taste of what employers are doing that hurts both Americans and the illegals.

Will the GOP protect these creeps again, assuming they take control of Congress this November? Let's hear it from their, BEFORE the election.

Whose side is the GOP on? Do they still favor the employers (by not punishing them like the Obama administration has) or do they favor the working Americans who don't get jobs when employers are knowingly hiring illegals instead, even engaging in human trafficking!

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