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Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Create Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs That Can’t Be Exported

“Starting in late 2009, Clinton began lobbying privately for an energy-efficiency loan-guarantee program. He prepared a detailed memo for the White House laying out a plan that would use $9 billion from the Treasury to leverage $67 billion in financing to retrofit offices and residential buildings. This specific, doable idea—comprehensible to the independent, small businesspeople Obama has lost—would create hundreds of thousands of new green jobs in construction and manufacturing that can’t be exported.”

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Neither President Obama nor the GOP have embraced this plan that would generate a big boost in jobs and cut our energy waste at the same time. It would put us back in competition with China that is taking the lead in new green technology – the next major job-creating engine of the 21st Century.

The U.S. needs an energy PLAN. Doing the “same ol’, same ol’” will not solve our debt and energy issues. Only bold, innovative action will. Thomas Friedman points out how seriously we are lagging China’s “Moon Shots” and this is a policy to help us regain the lead.

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What Bill Clinton has proposed should be up before Congress right now – with a bipartisan vote because it will create the jobs we need and advance the technology leadership we are losing.

And remember, Clinton was the last President to generate a $200 billion SURPLUS so he knows something about budgets (that $200 billion surplus was instantly turned into a $1.6 trillion deficit after the Bush tax cuts of 2001, and grew larger with two unpaid for wars, etc.).

We need leaders who will generate the jobs we need – and Bill Clinton’s plan should be embraced by both parties for that simple reason.

Have you seen a better one that advances our technology and generates the huge number of jobs we need?

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