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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

These corporations are making Gov't look downright Good

You say corporations are better than gov't right?

Well, I go to Discount Tire store in Kemah to replace a couple bad ones, but it turns out they don't do alignments! (I'm supposed to put on new tires and ride off with them misaligned? How stupid!).

So then I have to go to a NTB place for an alignment (so they are smarter in that regard). They park my car in front but don't tell me --I find them doodling in an office! Stupid corporate trick No. 2.

Then Today I find out the Verizon rep sold me the original Droid, not the 2 or the X! (Hey, sell them the old stuff first!) Duh! And they have this crazy system where reps are in different stores on different days so you never can connect with the person who sold you the phone.

That's three dumb corporate moves in a row.Got more you'd like to share? Add a comment.

What corporate genius said that you should sell tires but not an alignment? Did he jump out with his golden parachute yet? This is how we are supposed to get out of a recession?

We be stupid! No wonder why we are in a mess - and its not just government we need to improve. What happened to common sense and service that makes sense?

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