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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Want to REALLY FIX our Economy? Drop All Tax Cuts and Cut Pentagon 50%

"Where's the beef" was a popular commercial years ago - and that applies to the GOP "Pledge to America" Their plan only continues to INCREASE the debt more than a $1 TRILLION MORE than the Obama Plan.

Yet even the Obama Plan won't be able to get the budget back under control unless we take even more serious action than the political wimps on both sides who won't tell America what really needs to be done. Voters want to believe in fairy dust - that you can cut taxes and increase spending and come out ahead instead of deeper in the hole (voters prefer voodoo economics to reality!)

Want to really get costs and income under control?

Then let ALL the tax cuts expire. That would generate $4 TRILLION dollars in the next decade. (The GOP plan to let the top 1% keep their tax cut would put us another $1 TRILLION in the hole).

Then CUT COSTS starting with the fattest cow in the lot --which alone could save $3.5 TRILLION in the next decade. Which is that?

Since the Pentagon budget is more than the military budgets of the next 45 countries COMBINED, that's the fattest cow. It has too many unneeded weapons projects and too many surplus Generals sitting around with nothing to do and too many layers of bureaucrats. We have excessive numbers of Generals and layers and layers of bureaucrats that make getting stuff to Afghanistan and Iraq harder not easier.

CUT its budget 50% so our military budget is only larger than the next ten countries combined. That would save $350 billion a year, or $3.5 TRILLION in the next decade.

Between the two, we would be $7.5 TRILLION AHEAD - Put another way, we'd be $7.5 TRILLION out of the hole (making up for the $5 TRILLION we went into the hole from 2000-2008). It would eliminate the need to attack our safety nets like social security and any other cuts are pure gravy.

But Americans really don't want reality - just more voodoo economics that they can have their tax cuts and a smaller deficit too. LOL. No politician ever tells voters what they need to hear; only what they want to hear.

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