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Monday, August 15, 2005

O'Reilly is Right: Rumsfeld Incompetent - Congress silent

Fox's Bill O'Reilly is right. Mr. Rumsfeld has been grossly negligence in running the Iraq war. He has been incompetent at best and should have been replaced long ago.

How unbelievable is it to send troops into a war zone without body armor? And 2 1/2 years later they still don't have it right!

How bright is it to start a war without a post-war plan?

How smart is it to have so few troops that Iraqi nuclear material was left unguarded and looted at the start of the war. We had so few troops that the Iraq borders were left wide open to foreign terrorists to pour in, and they did.

How many of our troops unnecessarily died or were wounded because of these obvious oversights?

Congress has a duty to call our officials on the carpet when their conduct results in unnecessary loss of life and chaos. Do we attack only Democrat blunders yet consent to our own –even when it is costing American soldiers’ lives? I don’t think it should.

Yet our Majority Leader has remained silent despite all of these huge, costly mistakes by Mr. Rumsfeld. I believe that our troops are more important than the career of someone who has been so cavalier with the lives of our troops. His turning a blind eye to torture has further stained America's reputation as a global guy. His incompetence resulted

Mr. O’Reilly is correct -- Rumsfeld's actions are at best gross negligence and have cost us the good will of the Iraqi people. That loss of goodwill makes success in Iraq less likely.

Congress at the minimum should launch a hearing to find out why we still don't have adequate body armor for our troops -- and demand the President replace Mr. Rumsfeld with someone more competent (less arrogant).

Mr. DeLay has been silent and tolerated this despite the high cost in lives and money. I won't --not when American soldiers' lives are paying for it.

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