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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Shocking Negligence On Our Borders – Homeland Security Farce

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Midwest video company making a counter terrorism program to be sent to police agencies across the U.S. is interviewing me this Friday to take some quotes, so I did some updating on Homeland Security to prepare for it.

After talking with some local law enforcement people I discovered some very shocking information on the lack of border security –2 and ½ years after 9 11 and how our system is not working on keeping out the bad guys.

On top of that is today’s news that our geniuses in Homeland Security are not allowing babies to board an airplane when their name comes up on the “no fly” list! This is nuts. What happened to common sense? This is an improvement?

Are you scared yet? You should be.

I am. And all I can do about it now is make this video. No one listened before when I did a video in the 90’s on terrorism coming to the U.S. (Nor did they listen to the FBI guy who figured it out before 9 11, so at least they are consistent).

One of the items I learned was that PEOPLE smuggling is more profitable than drugs, and has less of a penalty. That can be more dangerous from a security standpoint.

I learned that there is a pay scale --very bad people coming in have big bucks and are willing to pay a lot more than that charged for Mexican laborers just looking for work. The Mexico-Texas connection in people smuggling is a key part, but not the only part.

Worse part - we have people in law enforcement who know how they are being smuggled in, but have no jurisdiction over HLS -- and HLS is so dumb it isn’t listening to them or changing their Keystone Kop methods. I guess they are too busy keeping babies off airplanes.

Sorry to say, but Congress has really missed fixing this problem. If keeping babies off airplanes is an improvement, then it is going to lead to another “big one” in the words of my law enforcement advisors.

I’m not in Congress and can do nothing about it until I am, if I run.


Kevin said...

No one listened before when I did a video in the 90’s on terrorism coming to the U.S.

They probably didn't listen because if the comments were anything like previous posts on the nature of representative democracy or Rumsfeld's "gross negligence" and his alleged promotion of torture, they probably had serious doubts about the credibility of the messenger, and rightly so!

I suppose your plan to fix these problems you regularly point out is still secret?

Because representative democracy is all about the secrecy, baby!

Texas Viking said...

I see. It's not credible to be right or to say that someone is not doing a good job when it is costing our kids their lives...

I'm not a clapping seal that will endorse big spending, corruption or incompetence...