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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Terrorism and First Responders - Video

Yesterday I spent an hour in front of a video camera contracted by a film production company from near Chicago.

It is being made to send to police and fire departments across the U.S. on terrorism. I was interviewed as a counter terrorism advisor. In the background was a world map, and that was for a reason.

Our first responders are on the front lines here, but they are also the "tail of the dog" since they have to deal with issues that arise because of something going in somewhere else in the world.
In other words, they have to clean up stuff that they don't create.

Our own leadership may jab a stick into a global hornet's nest or miss the problem entirely (as they did before 9 11) -- and it will fall to First Responders to deal with the consequences if it results in a 9 11 or Tim McVeigh.

The London and Spain bombings confirm Iraq is spinning off attacks as a direct result. Even yesterday's rocket attack in Jordan against U.S. ships was a result of Iraq - the actors were not Jordanian. They were Syrian, Iraqi and Egyptian extremists taking the battle to Jordan yesterday, and maybe here tomorrow!

I can't cover an hour of video here, but you can review some ideas to resolve these issues in this Texas Viking blog and my platform page at the Congress website link (Wishlist).

If anyone wants a copy of the video, email me and I'll forward the producers' contact information. Otherwise, you won't see it unless you are a first responder.

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