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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bio Engineering - Bugs that make drugs

If you want a eye-popping peek at the future, then read this article on bio engineering.

It will sound like science fiction, but it's not. Some of it sounds totally bizarre, but it is already happening.

Scientists in Israel have made the world's smallest computer by engineering DNA to carry out mathematical functions. Other researchers are engineering the E. coli bug with genes from the wormwood plant and yeast to create a new malaria drug.

The worry is that there is no control on this system that could also produce something harmful - a bio disaster could be the result along with new malaria drugs, etc. It is not on Congress' radar because it is so new.

Scientists are creating new life forms with vast and unknown impact. This is something Congress should be looking at now before there is a disaster by "gene hackers" using these "Mail order genes." They could be used for anything by anyone in the world.

Congress should be proactive, not just reactive. Preparing in advance to avoid pandemics like Avian flu and future bio terrors should be a central part of Congress and our leadership.

It certainly is my focus. Our future depends on what we do now to prepare for these and the other rapid changes sweeping this brave new world.

I'm off to deliver food to the less fortunate today. Thank God for this country and our unique system.

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