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Saturday, November 05, 2005

DeLay blames Minority for Budget Bloat - Go Figure

Check this out in today's Houston Chronicle:

"In a speech to a group of conservative academics and policy experts, DeLay blamed the runaway spending of recent years on minority Democrats."

What? And check this quote:

"When he took questions, the first came from a senior official at the American Conservative Union, who asked DeLay, "How large does the Republican majority in the House and Senate need to be before Republicans act like the fiscal conservative I thought we were?"

Very good question.

Take responsibility Mr. DeLay - the bloat in the budget is what you made as majority leader. Quit blaming the minority for your $24 billion pork barrel 'bridge to nowhere."

It has been on your watch that we have the highest deficits on record - nearly $500 billion/year. Don't blame others for the mess you created.

And $24 billion in highway pork is just the tip of the bloat...This quote from the article sums it up best:

"The Club for Growth, a conservative group that funds like-minded candidates for Congress, has turned the highway legislation into a bumper sticker for the GOP's fiscal failings. "Too many Congressional Republicans have veered away from the limited government agenda that got them elected to the majority in Congress. They have approved pork-barrel highway bills worse than the Democrats used to give us," says one appeal to supporters."

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