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Monday, November 07, 2005

Congress Deficit - Send in an Accountant

If you want to read a good article on the "new math" used by Congress in its budget games, read this article in the Chronicle. "Spending like drunken sailors" comes to mind. Congress could use some accountants to challenge the voodoo math when they take our social security money and count it as "surplus." They didn't teach me that in accounting class at UT. They don't teach that in accounting at A&M either. Congress needs to put those funds in a lock box then deal with the reality of what is left. But, like sailors hitting town after months at sea, it won't happen until we change the players. The debt will leave a huge burden on your kids and grandkids. And finally this. DeLay's cuts are in all the wrong places - if he continues "business as usual" we will create a permanent underclass -- and his policies will end up bring the "Paris riot burnings" here. That is what happens when politicians create an atmosphere where people don't have opportunity to move up.

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Kathy said...

I've written a piece that incorporates the Houston Chronicle story and links back to this post.