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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

GOP, We Have A Problem

GOP, we have a problem - an image problem.

The election yesterday resulted in Democrats taking two Governor spots --Virginia and New Jersey-- and does not bode well for the GOP in 2006.

Anyone who says otherwise is whistling past the cemetery.

The former House majority leader is under indictment. The Vice President's Chief of Staff is under indictment on a separate matter. Spending has gone nuts. The proposed cuts miss the fat and cripple our future.

As the election showed yesterday, either we make the change or the people will. If the GOP does not change out these characters, the public will do it for them --by picking Democrats instead of Republicans.

The next opportunity to do that is in the District 22 primary next March.

What if the district GOP primary voters elect an indicted Congressman next March, who gets convicted before the general election? That will be great for the Democrat in the race.

Even if he is not convicted (DeLay's lawyer got off a guy who shot and chopped up his neighbor), the damage has been done.

"Where there is smoke, there's fire." The incumbent has already rolled up several reprimands and become a national negative symbol for the party.

The incumbent's skeleton pile is becoming a mountain. This cannot be a good thing for the district, the party or America...

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