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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Congressman For Sale

If you want to see who is buying our representative, then read Craig Hines column today in the Houston Chronicle.

He talks about the lobbyists who showed up and ponied up $2,100 apiece to DeLay's campaign fund a few blocks from the people's Congress.

That is efficient - Mr. deLay doesn't have to go far from his office to grab the fat checks and run to the bank before signing back in at Congress to do whatever the lobby wants him to do - not what the people of his district need or want.

"Congressman for Sale" should be a sign hanging outside his door. It could not get any more apparent than watching this DC money grab go on. It's almost like open Prostitution. It is Legalized bribery and vote buying...

What kind of American values is this Mr. DeLay?

I will represent the people of this district who have real concerns from prescription drugs to pensions, not the lobbyists.

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