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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Arm Wrestling Challenge

A couple members of the media I talked to yesterday caught the humor in the idea of adding an old fashioned Olympic challenge to this election. One laughed and asked: "Are you in training?"

Sure. But come to think of it, DeLay would go into an arm wrestling tie breaker with an advantage - he has lots of practice strong arming lobbyists!

But pocketing plump lobby checks doesn't generate a lot of muscle tone, so my five years of grass roots "working out" and "training" in the district should be enough to pin him in the deciding match. :0).

Mr. DeLay needs to be pinned down to the truth when he tells his own constituents two different stories on whether he is "best friends" or a stranger to a man he took several international trips with to exclusive resorts in Scotland and the Marianna Islands. His own words prove he plays loose with the truth as well as the people's money. His cuts in teachers' pensions and vet's benefits while allowing “bridges to nowhere” are acts he pinned all by himself.

Hurting teachers hurts our children and our country's future. I would not send vets to war in Iraq than vote 'no' to $50 million in improving artificial limbs for the injured coming back. What about the other challengers in this contest?

One question. WHERE were they the last 5 years when all DeLay’s lobby trips, money laundering, etc was taking place? I was out here fighting corrupt politics and working for the regular people in the district instead of making the big bucks for Fortune 500 companies. I was working to earn votes, not buy them.

What is their real agenda? Mine has been public for 5 years. All are claiming to be more right than the others--all splitting up that vote. I am the only declared moderate with a proven base.

Voters have the power and growing desire to strong arm some change on March 7 - if not then they will allow corruption and deceit to masquerade as honesty and integrity in Washington. So if we can’t have a mature TV debate to educate voters, perhaps the American way is that we have a TV arm-wrestling match instead!

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WhipDelay said...

Mike you fire me up, son. I love reading your impassioned blog entries about your service to this District and the time you’re willing to give up to make sure the people of 22 are taken care of. (Sometimes my friends and I called TX22, the deuce-deuce :0 ). You really should consider a campaign slogan that gets your base pumped up. I love the duel idea, and the arm-wrestling theme. How about the slogan, “Over the Top” – it’s a double entendre, Mike. It was a movie with that tough guy Sylvester Stallone and how he was a champion arm-wrestler. He was a dedicated truck driver who used to train on the road in his truck; you posses some of the same qualities as him. You are always hittin’ the road, and training in the meantime. Training for the people of this district. And if this district is lucky, you’ll be “over the top” come March 7th and knock that dang pesky bug man back to his place on the streets. Think about it. You could do t-shirts on your site, and it would be great fun, Captain. Maybe even, “Over the Top, Under the Radar – Follow the Fjet to the polls on March 7th.” Have fun with it, Mike. Good luck – you’ve got a lot people in the deuce-deuce pullin’ for you. Don’t give up and don’t let us down!!!!!!