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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Maybe We Should Just Have an Old Fashioned Olympic Duel

With the sniping going on in Congressional candidate press releases and candidate forums (not me of course), and since the winter games are going on, I propose that consider settling this contest in Olympic style – with a twist.

I propose 3 events.

My three would be (1) Golf, (2) Flying mock air combat from that fighter place in Galveston –which uses lasers not bullets, and (3) arm wrestling.

The winner of 2 of 3 against DeLay wins. It would shake out like this.

I’ll lose the golf match because I have been in 55 plus countries and have never played golf in any of them, so DeLay will win that one, especially if it was held in Scotland. Ummm.

As a pilot and former Captain in the Civil Air Patrol on homeland security patrols, I will blitz DeLay in the air to air combat with the Galveston flight. He’ll be in flames (like our Homeland security status) before he can toss his cookies in a loop.

So it would boil down to the arm wrestling. I can feel the surge of energy I would have at that moment, grabbing him by the arm while thinking about his cutting funding for missing limbs of our Iraq vets and teacher pensions guarantees -- while approving the bridge to nowhere.

I’ll pin him on those without even thinking about the confusing prescription rug plan he devised that cheats grandma if she tries to change it.

But it won’t happen. Mr. DeLay is afraid of a TV Debate, not to mention arm wrestling and air duels (but not golf).

Someone has said, rightly I think, that this is the most important election this year.

Should not people know where everyone stands? What is better than like in a democracy than an unscripted TV Debate for the most important election of the year…..?


WhipDelay said...

Mike I’ve been following you for years. Even when you were a confused “Independent” candidate J - and I’m glad to see you’re back fighting for the “right” party. Go out and get that dang Hammer. I sure wish you could challenge him to a duel. He wouldn’t stand a chance against you or your awesome international résumé. Do you think you could beat him in a wheel barrow race? You and your bride vs. him and his wife? Keep up the good work, Captain Republican!!!!

vicious dreamer said...

Personally, I think It's sad that someone like Tom Delay was in the government office in the first place. And now you have to duel him as if you were his equal. Come on, you're better than that!Tom Delay's a small fry comapared to you.