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Friday, February 10, 2006

Churches go Green on Global Warming

WASHINGTON (Feb. 9) - A group of 85 evangelical Christian leaders on Wednesday backed legislation opposed by the White House to cut carbon dioxide emissions, kicking off a campaign to mobilize religious conservatives to combat global warming.

I join them in their mission. Without cutting emissions we jeopardize our entire global environment. Did those who think we can ignore melting ice caps which planet they plan to move to when this one is a wreck? Right. This isn’t like moving to the other side of the tracks if your neighborhood goes bad. If the planet overheats, we all lose. So I agree with these church leaders in their quest.

On the campaign trail, we had a candidate forum in Needville last night – No DeLay, although he appeared in Sugar Land on Monday. I guess Needville doesn't rank with him, but it does with me. We discovered the best seafood restaurant next to the KC Hall. When we went inside, we found several other candidates gobbling away. LOL.

During the forum a couple of the Congress candidates snarled at Mr. DeLay’s rep and vice versa – I was having too much fun to snarl at anyone. The questions were excellent – on the runaway budget and prescription drugs. Since I now qualify for senior coffee at Krogers, I told them these were issues that interested me greatly…:0)

An editor contacted me today, asking me about DeLay’s 8 page letter claiming he and Jack Abramoff “weren’t friends” despite two international trips to exotic resorts and Jack pulling out the credit card to pick up Congressman’s expenses.

All I can say about that is this. If you believe that strangers do that kind of thing, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you…!

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