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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Meeting Miss Texas USA

Campaigning does have its advantages, aside from long hours. Last night I got to meet "Miss Texas USA" Lauren Lanning at a Masonic Lodge, which even included dinner. I didn't expect either. I can tell you that Texas will definitely win the “Miss USA” crown this year. Her mom was with her. I thought they were sisters. We witnessed a Mason get a 50-year award. He came with his wife of 69 years. It was great.Early voting starts today. I ask for your vote. I’ve spent many years in this district talking to people, getting ready for this time. I’ve fought for teachers and vets, commuter rail, small business and justice and fairness.

The other challengers have never run before and have no proven voter base. I have a base of 5,000 plus from prior elections, which guarantees me a run off spot at the least in the primary.

Last night it expanded by at least one to include Miss Texas USA, who lives in the Friendswood part of the district. She and her mom certainly get my vote.

Please tell your friends to vote today for a 21st Century rep with integrity, a local focus and the global skills we need in DC.


WhipDelay said...

You know you’re my boy, but let’s stick to the message at hand. We need a new Congressman in 22, not a beauty pageant judge. I’m glad to see you were fond of Miss Texas (perhaps you could hire her someday), and I’m glad you got a free meal, but it’s time to switch gears and get back to campaigning.

It’s the final stretch; don’t get distracted like your other opponents.

WhipDelay22 said...

Your blog is my breakfast!

You fought one hell of a battle, Captain. I can't thank you enough for bringing the "spirit" back to our District. But win or lose, there's always room for improvement - and for you, the gap is growing. You’re my boy Captain, but let's be real for a second. Are you really calling 20,000 voters in the "Deuce-Deuce" stupid? Is that really a good move politically for you? Relax for a second and breathe partner.

Whether you like the Bugman or not, the guy has done some pretty impressive things for this area. Nobody likes a poor sport Michael, and telling 20,000 people to go jump in a lake is not the smartest of options.

As much as I don't agree with Tommy Boy and some of the decisions he's made - he ain't guilty yet, Captain. You of all people (you are a lawyer, right?) should know that. If he's guilty of anything, he's guilty of trying to advance the Republican Party. (It pains me to say that) So at the very least, we need to thank him for that and MOVE ON! But DO NOT call the man a felon - let the children do the name calling.

Bottom-line, Michael --if we were holding a Mr. Nice Guy contest, you would've won by landslide. You’re likable, a hard worker and one day you'll make a decent Congressman - if not here on plant Earth perhaps in some parallel universe or in Norway. (j/k) Your spirit (however strange it might be) is matched by few, and your work ethic (classified ads in Sunday’s paper) is amazing. But - for real brother, you never really had a chance -although you got my vote and my cousin's brother’s vote.

You need name-ID, Mike. This region needs you. We do need a fresh breath of political air. Have you ever thought about running for School Board? You love kids (if they could've voted, you would've won in a friggin' land slide) and teachers adore you. You need to continue to teach, preach and politic. Run for Mayor or something fun like that. Let Wallace go spend his money at the mall. Maybe you could go back to school and become a chiropractor. (You do have a way of “straightening” people out!)

Who knows! All I know is that I need you to stick around and stay heard. Don't shy away in the next few months. Continue to be a pest (you’re good at it) and continue to hold people accountable.

Fight, fight, fight.... but don't lie down.

*Oh, and endorsing Lampson – I’ll be honest- that was stupid. Don't tear down our party by saying things like that.

Get some sleep, and take your bride out to dinner (and not IHOP this time) - she's earned a good meal.