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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

The sad case of Anna Nicole Smith, another Texan with a flamboyant and troubled life, deserves mention.

I wonder why the judge had to force the parties to wait to rule on DNA on the child’s paternity. The issue of paternity of her 5 month old girl is a key question. DNA testing instantly resolves that issue, rather than subject people to years of debate in courts. This is just common sense.

I don’t see why a judge has to hold up a funeral once DNA evidence is collected from Anna. With the test we’ll know which of her lovers is the father. Case closed.

We should focus on solutions instead of how long we can litigate the paternity of a 5 month old innocent child. The biological father is the only thing she has left now that her mother is gone.

That is the part of the Lisa Nowak case that is also sad --that she left 3 children behind when she went on her trip. Who was taking care of them?

I think kids are the No. 1 priority - in all these cases...Courts should move faster to protect them.

On another note, Sen. Obama jumps in today. This is becoming a fascinating Presidential race developing...

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