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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Next Time: Elect a Smart President (and Team) or die

With all the talk of who’s “running” for President, all I can say is that I want someone SMART next time. It has gotten so serious that it will take someone with a SMART team to save our hides -- and half the planet-- at this point.

I once had the dubious honor of negotiating with Iraq in the 70’s—when I was with a Fortune 500 company named Brown & Root (which was owed $2 million for a rig they built for Iraq). I was just a young lawyer and a fresh hire. I saw how it all worked. They had wanted to base me in Iran for a naval base being built for the Shah – that was just before the 1979 revolution. Luckily, I was recruited by another company and missed being one of the hostages held for 444 days.

Now Iraq could be the next version of Iran –where secular equality is replaced with a mindless extreme version of religion running the government.

With Iraq spinning into a black hole, it will challenge even a SMART President and his/her team to keep it from igniting a Middle East nightmare. With nukes at center stage.

My read is that the Iranian people are moderates like Americans – they don’t feel comfortable with radical extremism in religion. Their women like to wear lipstick and met men like they do in America. They don’t want to live like women in Saudi -- who can’t drive or be seen with a male who isn’t a relative or husband.

To help them, and the ordinary Iraqis suffering in the bombings and strive, and others, let’s get smart, quick! "More of the same" will not work any better than it already has(n't)...

Iraq has dramatically increased, in my opinion, the liklihood of another 9 11 or worse. That is why I am focused on working with high tech security products such as XO Armor. The one thing people can do in these increasingly dangerous times is to protect themselves where they spend the most time - at home and office. It's being used for blast protection in airports as well - which could save many lives if a truck bomb went off.

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