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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Fat Tuesday" - Closing our courts to justice

I spent “Fat Tuesday” online and drinking lattes at a Border’s near where my car was being fixed – it needed a new A/C before our famous Houston heat returns. It’s supposed to be near 80 the next couple days. Quite a change after freezing the past month.

Today an American court ruled that prisoners at Guantanamo in Cuba had no right to access to U.S. courts if they weren’t American. Somehow this seems un-American and against our system of rule of law and justice. I hope Congress changes this ruling. We need to make the government prove at least some kind of case to keep people locked up. It's called American justice.

The day finished with news that “The British are Leaving” Iraq, leaving American troops on their own. Ironically, it was the British who designed Iraq to be unstable when they got it after WW I from the losing Ottoman’s. It was designed to take a strongman like Saddam to run it—combining Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds who had been independent until then. We will be paying the price for that intentional policy, alone, for some time to come.

It seems odd that we are accepting only 7,000 Iraqis when it was our invasion that has turned over 1 million Iraqis into refugees.

The worst news was that wounded veterans returning from Iraq have had to stay in some of the worst conditions - the Walter Reed outpatient facility had rats and mold --and a bureaucratic paperwork nightmare. Outrageous.

We can do better than that --on all counts.

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