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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Welcome to Texas – It’s a Whole Different Planet

You may be wondering what is in the water in Texas.

A NASA astronaut based in Houston drove 1,000 miles wearing a diaper to confront another woman, and love rival, in a parking lot -- and the conservative Texas Governor just executed the first-of-its-kind executive order that all 12 year old girls will received an HPV vaccination, alienating his own party. The Gov also wants to sell our lottery, which is putting $1 billion a year into our schools, to private business.

Welcome to Texas. It’s a whole different planet. If we have a 21st century close encounter with aliens, it will most likely occur in Texas. How could aliens resist landing among all our eccentrics and free thinkers? The Gov might offer to sell them the lottery, since he’s already offered all our future toll roads to foreign companies. Why discriminate?

As for me, I’m relieved I’m married and not dating anyone from NASA. I really don’t want to chance a love sick astronaut landing a Shuttle in my driveway to impress me.

Don’t be afraid to visit Texas folks. Our eccentrics are just bigger (headline grabbers) than anyone else’s! If you want dull and boring, then visit another place.

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