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Thursday, February 15, 2007

State of the County - Serves Pork for lunch

I attended the “State of the County” event today in Houston, the one in which Judge Eckels announced his retirement. The room was packed. They introduced Mayors, Commissioners, city council members from countless small towns around Houston (and perhaps all the dogcatchers and a waiter or two).

Halfway through the meal, I finally asked my tablemates the burning question I had: “Why was the main course, PORK?” Ummmm.

It was good for a laugh. I’m sure it was an unintentional double entendre. The dessert was a winner - chocolate heaven.

On the international front, the deal cut with North Korea on its nuclear reactor shows that diplomacy can work, and at a fraction of the cost of war.

The invasion of Iraq proved one thing. It proved that the decade of the UN sanctions had worked very well – Saddam had closed his nuclear facilities and had no real weapons left. Sanctions (and the offer of oil) pushed Kim Jung Il into a deal. If diplomacy can work in a strange place like North Korea, it can work with Iran and elsewhere.

If anyone thinks provoking a war with Iran would be “a cakewalk” they are mistaken. It would make Iraq look like a picnic. Unlike Iraq, Iran has sophisticated weapons like the supersonic cruise missile that could take out a U.S. aircraft carrier, etc. An aircraft carrier has a crew of 5,000. The death toll would exceed Iraq's in no time...

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