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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

China Could Buy The World -- Why Fight for Oil When U can OWN It?

I went to a seminar on China sponsored by the Greater Houston Partnership. The numbers were amazing. U.S. growth rate: 3%. China’s: Over 10%. We have trillions in debt. China has $1.4 TRILLION in Surplus!

One speaker made the point that China is shopping the world for resources. They could BUY the entire copper industry for about $70 billion and have tons of cash left over. They are buying up oil reserves, coal, you name it. They can afford it. They have a Plan. If our leadership has a plan, I’d like to know what it is. The Chinese don't have to start a war to own the world's natural resources. They can now BUY it. It's a lot easier and less costly than a war.

A friend of mine is a retired NASA astronaut. He has met the Chinese space folks and was impressed. The U.S. has pushed away the Chinese from the International Space Station (ISS). This is goofy policy and will not help us. Keeping them away didn’t keep China from using its own scientists to become only the third country on the planet to put people in space. Best to bring them into the ISS “tent” to be part of the team instead of a potential rogue space nation.

What is strange about the Pat Tilman death in Afghanistan is WHY did they BURN his uniform? That just seems bizarre and un-professional and disrespectful of a soldier killed under any circumstances.

Boris Yeltsin has passed. He wasn’t perfect but he did get democracy rolling in a country that had nothing but dictators like Stalin. Russia today is a far better place because of Boris Yeltsin. Who care that he had some fun, drank some and danced with the band members. It made him more human and that is a small price to pay for an entire population earning its freedom. Today’s Russians are far richer and happier than the old days of scarcity, endless lines and stale bread. With his passing, we have lost another “Redwood” in the forest.

This country needs a global strategy if it is going to stay in the game this century with our enormous deficits, the competition of India and China for fuel, etc.…but that’s another subject for another time.

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Anonymous said...


You make a lot of sense. We have to find a way to compete with the Chinese. As you know, there are many variables that make the cost of a product what it is. The Chinese don't adhere to the same standards that we do, therefore, don't incur the same expenses when producing an item.

I would like to see more of a fair playing field when trading with the Chinese. I wish we could also get off of this foreign oil dependancy. It seems that much of the proceeds from this foreign oil are being used against our interests.

We as a people are despised by many foreign countries, however, they don't despise our dollar.


Bill Benton, Rosenberg, TX