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Friday, April 06, 2007

Don't Blame The Soldiers

The British sailors and marines taken hostage are now catching heat for their activities in Iran.

This is unfair and wrong. These young people made statements required of them by their captors. Who in that situation wouldn't do the same? They were isolated from each other, alone and in a dangerous situation. The armchair critics would have probably done as much, or more, had it been them in that strange situation. The bottom line is that they came back with their heads attached.

Today I came across some American soldiers checking into a hotel - one had a purple heart from Iraq. Five or six fine young Americans getting some R&R. If it had been them instead of the British in Iran, I would have not cared if they had to sing songs and dance if that kept their heads attached. The Iranians acted far better than the Al Qaeda creeps in Iraq.

I'd like to get all our troops without losing another one to an IED or a sniper.


Cisco said...

We now hear the the British Sailors were Blindfolded, Lined up against a stone well, Naked, and Blindfolded while they were taunted for 13 days by Masked Guards dressed in Black with Weapons and Threatened with Death.

This is now called “Pressure”
When we did something similar at Gitmo, it was and still is called

Texas Viking said...

Torture doesn't make us look good and it doesn't make the Iranians look good either. We are supposed to be better than that...(because we are Americans).