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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virginia Tech: Iraq Has One Every Day

The senseless killings at Virginia Tech have shocked many. Yet, if people thought about it, the Iraqi people are having a Virginia Tech killing spree EVERY DAY. The photo is of an Iraqi girl after a car bombing on the same day in Iraq.

Students, professors, and ordinary people are being shot, executed or killed in a car/truck bombing every day in Baghdad, etc.

The VT killer held up as "martyrs" the creeps who killed at Columbine. In Iraq, the "Martyrs" are religious nuts. None of them are really martyrs. They are just twisted killers.

Banning guns won't fix a broken mind. It's NOT about immigration. UT's killer and the Oklahoma City bombers were white. Mandatory Treatment is the answer when someone exhibits such irrational and violent behavior as the young VT student--he had already been caught stalking women and locked up for 48 hours for being a threat. Yet he was released. Laws need to be changed so people like this disturbed kid are either treated or committed until the public is safe from their violent, bizarre behavior.

VT's security system was also broken and asleep at the wheel.

On the same day the country was transfixed on VT, Houston had a freeway shootout on highway 59 near my office - people smugglers from Mexico shooting other people smugglers in broad daylight on a busy city freeway. Houston is being used as hotel for human traffickers.

Banning guns won't stop smuggling either. But taking action can. The smuggling, like the VT killings, impacts people from around the world, not just here.

My deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of those killed by a sick mind at VT. You are not alone in your anguish...people like you are feeling the same every day in Iraq, Darfur and the streets of Houston.

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