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Monday, April 30, 2007

Santa Ana in Iowa?

I'm in Iowa after attending a memorial for my stepfather in Mason City, and taking the opportunity to visit my 99 year old Granmother and an aunt who is in the hospital. It turns out that Mason City is in a county named "Cerro Gordo." Locals I asked thought it was an Indian name. When i looked it up I discovered that it means "fat hill" --a Spanish name -- after a battle with Santa Ana in 1847 in IOWA.

Santa Ana? I always thought that was a Texas story - how he was defeated at the battle of San Jacinto. Well, check out the link and get confused. Apparently, a General Scott, outnumbered by Santa Ana, pounded him and "opened the door to Mexico City." From IOWA no less...!

It was 91 degrees yesterday --hotter than Texas.

After visiting my aunt at Mercy Hospital I learned that yet another Presidential candidate was there the following day. Just another day in Iowa. More on this later...

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